20 amazing toothpaste tricks – GRANDMA'S RECIPE

20 amazing toothpaste tricks

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Toothpaste Tricks

Did you know that toothpaste is also very useful for other things? Check out these amazing tricks you can do with toothpaste:

Polished Silver

If your silver items are dirty, toothpaste can help. Rubbing silver with toothpaste can make it shiny.

Car Headlights

Clean car headlights by applying toothpaste to a sponge or rag and rubbing it on the headlights.

Whitens Old Piano Keys

Toothpaste can help whiten yellowing piano keys, making them look brand new.

Clean Your Sneakers

Use toothpaste and a sponge to clean dirty plastic parts on your shoes.

Aviator Glasses

Clean your glasses with toothpaste to prevent fogging.

Spots on the Table

Remove spots from tables by cups or mugs using toothpaste and a sponge