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Cool Whipped Frosting is the way to go if you’re looking for a light and airy topping that will elevate any dish. Its velvety smoothness and ease of preparation make it a crowd-pleaser at social events. This frosting works well with any cake or cupcake recipe, making it perfect for those last-minute baking sessions when you want to pack every bite with flavor.
You can’t go wrong with this delicious icing on almost any dessert. If you want to make it really spectacular, try swirling it over some lemon cupcakes, a plain pound cake, or a decadent chocolate cake. Just before serving, garnish with some grated chocolate or citrus zest for a beautiful contrast and to accentuate the tastes.

A Refreshing Frosting Option

What You Need:
Eight ounces (about one container) of whipped topping, such as Cool Whip
One container of quick vanilla pudding mix, measuring 3.4 oz.
1 cup of milk (the best kind is whole or 2%).
1-tsp vanilla essence
What to do
Blend the pudding mix with the milk: Combine the milk and instant vanilla pudding mix in a medium bowl and whisk until smooth. Just let it a couple of minutes to thicken a little.
Boost with Vanilla Extract: Combine the pudding ingredients and stir in the vanilla essence.
Combine with Whipped Topping: Toss the pudding mixture with the whipped topping and gently fold to blend. To preserve the mixture’s light and fluffy texture, be cautious not to overmix.
Put in the fridge: Give the frosting half an hour to set in the fridge before you use it. Spreading or piping it onto delicacies will be a breeze with this.

You may garnish cakes and cupcakes with the icing or dip fruit in it; the choice is yours. It has a very smooth texture and is airy and light.

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