How To Fix A Hole In Clothing Without Sewing

Noticed a pesky hole in your beloved t-shirt, jumper, or trousers? It’s disheartening, indeed. With the state of clothing quality today, these tiny holes seem to appear quite frequently. If you’re not handy with a needle and thread (or just don’t enjoy sewing), you’re in for a treat. We’re about to share a method to mend a hole in your clothes without the need for sewing. A big shoutout to Classy Cheapskate for sharing this smart approach!




Here’s what you’ll need:




Fusing web (readily available at Walmart and most craft stores)




Here’s what to do:


Step 1: Invert the piece of clothing with the hole. Cut a small piece of fusing web slightly larger than the hole you aim to repair.




Step 2: Gently bring the fabric around the hole together so the hole is no longer visible. Position the piece of fusing web you’ve just cut over the hole.




Step 3: Set your iron to the ‘wool’ setting. Place a piece of wax paper over the hole and the fusing web to prevent the iron from sticking.




Step 4: Press the iron on the hole and the fusing web for about 10 seconds.




Voila! It’s a straightforward, efficient method to fix small holes without needing to rummage for your sewing kit. If you wish to view the complete process, please check out the video below.




Style Evolution:




In order to add a personal touch and make your clothes more fashionable, you might want to consider custom patches tailored to your preferences. These can include embroidered patches, printed patches, and woven patches, all of which can be neatly applied to your garments with an iron.




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