I just can’t say no to spuds when they’re done up like this.

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When you combine the sturdiness of ham with the tenderness of scalloped potatoes, a certain coziness permeates the kitchen. A classic meal that has been enjoyed for many years, particularly in the Midwest, is scalloped potatoes topped with ham. This recipe evolved from the long-standing practice of creatively repurposing leftovers, which had its origins in the need to provide substantial dinners capable of feeding a family. When the wind is howling outside and all you want is a hearty home-cooked supper that has been simmering in its own deliciousness for a while, this is the ideal dish for you.
This hearty recipe may stand on its own, but for a lighter touch, try serving it with a steamed green bean or crisp green salad. Sop up that creamy sauce with some warm biscuits or good ol’ handmade toast.

Potatoes and Ham in a Slow Cooker Scalloped Dish, Eight Servings

One finely sliced onion and four cups of thinly sliced potatoes (or about six medium potatoes) are the ingredients.
These ingredients call for diced cooked ham and 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese.
10 3/4 ounces (or one can) mushroom cream soup
+/- half a cup of milk

Half a cup of sour cream
– 1/4 teaspoon of powdered garlic
— half a teaspoon of paprika
Season with salt and pepper to taste. Grease with butter. Chop some fresh parsley for garnish.
How to Follow
1. To prevent food from sticking, grease your slow cooker with some butter.
2. Divide the cut potatoes, onions, and ham among the three ingredients and place them in the slow cooker in half.
Add half of the shredded cheese on top.
4. Use the rest of the potatoes, onions, and ham to repeat the layers.
5. Combine the cream of mushroom soup, milk, sour cream, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper in a small bowl and stir until thoroughly combined.
6. Evenly distribute this creamy mixture on the layers of potato, onion, and ham.
7. Once the potatoes are soft and the flavors have blended well, cover and simmer on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours.
8. In the last few minutes of cooking, top with the remaining cheese and let it to melt.
9. To give this heavy meal a refreshing touch, garnish with chopped parsley before serving.
Advice and Variations – Try using a smokey gouda or a sharp provolone to change things up; they both provide a new depth. – Use low-fat sour cream and a heart-healthy substitute for cream soup to make the dish lighter.
– A Incorporate some crunchy fried onions into the last 30 minutes of cooking for those who want a little crunch. – To make it vegetarian, just replace the ham with cream of celery soup; it will still have the same satisfying texture.
– A Be careful not to slice the potatoes too thickly; the slow cooker’s moderate heat will make them much more soft.

Those are the details, my dears. An enduring classic that can be the showpiece of any formal dinner or the rustic main course of a more casual get-together.

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