In Today’s News, Putting Strawberries Into Salt Water Makes Tiny Bugs Come Out Of Them

Whenever you purchase recent produce from the grocery retailer, chances are high you run them underneath some faucet water, shake them dry, and stick them within the fridge. Some folks I do know don’t even trouble to rinse their produce in any respect. Effectively after listening to this data, I assure you’ll change the best way you wash your produce – particularly strawberries.

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As with most viral traits today, TikTok customers have proven what occurs after they submerge their strawberries in salt water. Fill a bowl with some salt and water. As soon as the salt has dissolved, dunk your strawberries into the water. Whereas some customers solely allow them to sit for about 5 minutes, others counsel leaving them in for as much as an hour. When the time’s up, rinse them off, pat them dry, and have a look within the bowl. Apparently you will note some tiny bugs which have been coaxed out of the berries as a result of salt. Gross!

Different customers counsel taking this cleansing technique one step additional and including a splash of distilled vinegar to the bowl with the water and salt. It will get rid of bugs, dust, and different micro organism that could be residing in your strawberries. At all times make sure you rinse effectively after soaking – you don’t need salty or vinegar-tasting berries!

I do know that is tremendous disgusting, however I’m completely happy I now learn about it. I used to be actually not washing my strawberries this totally earlier than – however you higher consider I shall be now!


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