Keeping Garlic Fresh: A Kitchen Secret for Year-Round Flavor

– Whole garlic bulbs
– Paper bags or mesh bags
– A cool, dark, and dry place

1. Start by purchasing whole garlic bulbs. Ensure they are firm and free from any visible mold or soft spots.

2. Carefully separate the cloves from the bulb, leaving the papery skin on each clove intact.

3. Place the separated cloves into a paper bag or a mesh bag. You can also use a garlic keeper with holes to allow for airflow.

4. Store the bag of garlic cloves in a cool, dark, and dry place. A pantry, cellar, or cupboard works well. Ensure the location is well-ventilated but not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive moisture.

5. Check your stored garlic periodically to make sure there’s no mold or sprouting. Remove any cloves that show signs of spoilage.

6. With this method, your garlic should stay fresh and flavorful for up to a year, allowing you to enjoy its delicious taste in your cooking year-round.

Remember, keeping garlic fresh is all about providing the right storage conditions to prevent moisture and sunlight exposure. Enjoy using your freshly stored garlic in your favorite recipes!

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