While this is called “Hobo Casserole,” trust me when I say your hubby will ask for more

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Is a tasty, filling supper that almost prepares itself something you’re after? Stop searching and get this Slow Cooker Hobo Casserole recipe instead. Thanks to its innovative use of complementary flavors, this tantalizing meal is sure to be a hit. In addition to being a hearty family meal, it brings back warm feelings of camping and gathering around the fire. You won’t be able to live without this dish when you give it a go.
Making this Slow Cooker Hobo Casserole for the first time was an unforgettable experience. After a long day, we were all cold and hungry on this cool October evening. Our home was filled with mouth-watering aromas as we sat around the table, laughing and sharing tales. We felt embraced by a realm of bliss with each mouthful. This dish became an instant favorite in our family and is cherished to this day because of how simple it was.

Hobo Casserole for the Slow Cooker

Hobo Cassiole, the Slow Cooker
Things needed:
For Ingredient

1 lb. of cooked and drained ground meat (beef or sausage).
Half a cup of potato dice
One onion, chopped
Cream of mushroom soup, 10.5 oz can
two cups of broth (beef or chicken)
The recipe calls for 1.5 cups of raw macaroni.
sour cream, half a cup
2.5% Cheddar cheese, measuring 2.5 cups
Just add salt and pepper to taste.
Before draining, brown the ground meat in a sauce pan.
Second, coat a slow cooker with oil and add the steak, onion, broth, and potatoes. The time of year. After stirring, cook on high for three hours.
Add the broth and uncooked macaroni after three hours. Saute, covered, for 30 minutes over high heat.
4. Combine the sour cream and two cups of cheese. Top with half a cup of cheese. Cook, covered, for 20 minutes.

Get some and savor!
This Slow Cooker Hobo Casserole will make you happy and cozy, whether you’re eating it with loved ones at the table or snuggled up on the sofa on a gloomy day. You will want to save and share this dish with your loved ones because of its rustic beauty and delicious ingredients. Therefore, I urge you to try it out; I guarantee you will not be let down.

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