Wow, I had no idea you could do this with just 3 ingredients!

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Understandably, after a long day at work, the last thing on your mind is preparing a complicated meal. However, the desire for something delicious, fulfilling, and in line with a low-carb lifestyle remains a priority. Enter the solution: Low Carb 3-Ingredient Chicken Patties. This recipe emerged from a nearly empty fridge scenario and quickly rose to staple status in my kitchen repertoire. Celebrated for their simplicity, versatility, and ease of preparation, these patties are a testament to the beauty of minimalistic cooking, making them a perfect fit for anyone juggling the demands of a hectic lifestyle while striving to maintain nutritional goals.

To round out your meal, accompany these chicken delights with a side of roasted green beans or a fresh green salad with a lemony dressing for a light yet satisfying dining experience. Or, for those times when you crave a bit more indulgence, serving these patties over creamy cauliflower mash offers a guilt-free nod to traditional comfort food.

Low Carb 3-Ingredient Chicken Patties

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Servings: About 4 servings

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