*Layer Potatoes & Meatballs*

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Here is how to make this delicious recipe and easy step by step in photos:

Peel and boil 3 potatoes for 7 minutes. Cut into slices and place in the bottom of a round baking dish. Stand other slices up. Book.

In a bowl, combine 750g ground beef, 1 minced white onion, 1 tbsp. tea/coffee of parsley and 1 pinch of paprika. Season with salt and pepper.

Mix, form large balls, and place on the potato slices.

Insert more potato slices between the meatballs.

In a saucepan, melt 5 tbsp. butter. Add 5 tbsp. flour, and stirring, cook for 6 to 7 minutes.

In other saucepan, bring 4 c (1L) of milk to  boil. Gradually pour in the butter and flour mixture, bring to a boil, and stirring constantly, cook for 10 minutes.

Enjoy !


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