Wonton Soup

Written by Imad
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Wonton soup is a classic and comforting Chinese dish that has gained international popularity for its delicate flavors and satisfying textures. This traditional soup features wontons, which are small, filled dumplings, floating in a savory and aromatic broth. The wontons are typically filled with a mixture of ground meat, such as pork or shrimp, along with seasonings like soy sauce, sesame oil, and green onions. The filling is carefully enclosed in a thin dough wrapper, creating bite-sized pockets of flavor.

The broth, a key component of wonton soup, is often made by simmering chicken or pork bones with a combination of aromatic ingredients like ginger, garlic, and green onions. This slow-cooking process allows the broth to develop a rich and savory taste, creating a flavorful base for the entire dish. Some variations of wonton soup may also incorporate ingredients like dried shrimp or mushrooms to enhance the umami depth of the broth.


The wontons are carefully placed into the simmering broth and cooked until they float to the surface, indicating that they are perfectly cooked and ready to be served. The finished soup is garnished with additional green onions or cilantro for a burst of freshness.


Wonton soup is celebrated for its harmonious blend of textures and flavors — the tender, thin wonton wrappers encasing succulent, seasoned fillings, all bathed in a fragrant and soul-warming broth. This dish is not only a culinary delight but also represents a cultural legacy, showcasing the artistry of Chinese dumpling-making and the comforting appeal of a steaming bowl of soup. Whether enjoyed as an appetizer or a complete meal, wonton soup remains a beloved and enduring symbol of Chinese culinary craftsmanship.


8 ounces ground pork


1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar


1 tablespoon soy sauce


1 teaspoon sesame oil


1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated


1 teaspoon brown sugar


2 green onions, finely chopped


24 square (3½ inches each) wonton wrappers


6 cups (1,440g) chicken broth


1½ teaspoons garlic, minced


2 tablespoons soy sauce


1 teaspoon sesame oil


2-3 green onions, finely chopped



In a large bowl combine pork, rice wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, sugar, and onion. Mix well. Place 1 heaping teaspoon of filling into the center of each wonton wrapper. Moisten edges with water and fold the corners together, pressing out any excess air. (It should look like a triangle). Slightly lift the long edge of the wonton. Wrap the edges in the opposite directions and press firmly to seal, using your finger to create a space and wetting the edges as needed. Continue with the rest of the wontons and let them rest while you prepare the soup.


In a medium pot over medium heat add chicken broth, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and green onions. In a separate large pot, bring about 4 quarts of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add wontons and cook for 5 minutes. Strain the wontons and add them to the warm broth mixture. Serve warm.

Enjoy !

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