Grew up with my mom making this, always had some bread on the side, tasted like heaven.

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Envision yourself welcomed home by the hearty scent of Stuffed Pepper Soup the moment you open the door. The addition of healthy ground turkey and a variety of bell peppers makes this rendition of the traditional meal even more of a slow-cooked pleasure. Perfect for those hectic weekdays when time just doesn’t seem to be on your side but you still want to make a home-cooked dinner. The flavor and texture of stuffed peppers are captured in this dish, but you won’t even notice the filling!
A rustic green salad with a light vinaigrette dressing or some crusty artisan bread would be perfect accompaniments to this hearty soup. Hot sauce or crushed red pepper flakes are great condiments to have on hand so that people may customize the level of heat to their taste.

Turkey and Pepper Soup Made in a Slow Cooker
Approximate serving size: 6

Recipe Items
ground turkey, one pound
1 medium-sized diced onion 3 chopped bell peppers (a variety of colors is best) 2 minced garlic cloves
one 14.5-ounce can half a can of chopped tomatoes
one 15-ounce can marinara sauce
2 quarts of beef stock
One cup of cooked white rice
Salt, 1 teaspoon
ground black pepper, half a teaspoon
Spanish seasoning, 1 teaspoon
How to Follow
1. Brown the ground turkey, chopped onion, and minced garlic in a pan over medium heat. Cook until the turkey is cooked through and the onions become translucent.
2. Place the turkey, onions, and garlic in a slow cooker once they have been browned.
3. Place the diced tomatoes, chopped bell peppers, tomato sauce, and beef broth in the slow cooker.
4 Add the Italian spice, black pepper, salt, and stir to combine. 1.
5. Place a lid on top and simmer for 6-8 hours, or cook for 3-4 hours on high.
6. Add the cooked rice during the final half an hour of simmering.
7. Enjoy while still hot!
Changes and Hints

To make it vegetarian, use soy or another plant-based meat alternative in place of the ground turkey and veggie broth for the beef broth. To make it even healthier, add additional veggies like celery or carrots. Garnish with shredded cheddar before serving for those who like a touch of cheesiness.

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