Scalloped Potatoes


For 6 people, you will need:

°1 potato 1 kg of potatoes

°2 milk 1 liter of milk

°3 Bouquet garni 1 Bouquet garni

°4 butter 1 knob of butter

°5 clove garlic 1 clove garlic

°6 fresh cream 300 ml fresh cream

°7 Comté 100 g of Comté

°8 fine salt fine salt


°9 pepper pepper

°10 grated nutmeg 2 pinches of grated nutmeg

Peel 1 kg of potatoes, wash them, and cut them into slices as evenly thick as possible.

Wash them again, drain them carefully, and dry them in a kitchen towel.

Step 2 – 30 mins.

Potato gratin : Photo of step #2

Put the potato slices in a saucepan, cover with 1 liter of milk, salt, add 2 pinches of grated nutmeg and 1 Bouquet garni.

Place over medium heat, and cook until the potatoes are just cooked. They shouldn’t be overcooke…

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